I’m Back/Where Have I Been?!

If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you may have noticed that I’ve been rather MIA lately with the odd sporadic post here and there but nothing compared to how much I used to post. Now honestly, I sort of lost my blogging mojo a few months ago and I decide that I’d rather post nothing at all, than post regular terrible content. It also came down to the fact that I started a new job working 12 hours days, getting home and then just wanting to sleep and that really left little time to blog. I’m now much happier in my job situation (as of last week) and so I’ve been busy writing up and planning a tonne of posts this bank holiday weekend ready to start back up with regular blogging. 
My schedule is going to change slightly as there won’t be any outfit posts for a while – I’m working on rectifying that – but I’m hoping to mix it up with a few wishlists and styling posts, as well as the usual beauty content. I may also throw in a few television/book related bits just for good measure but you’ll see them if I do. My youtube channel will also hopefully start up again from it’s rather long hiatus so keep a look out over there and subscribe if you want to keep up to date!  Hopefully my blogging mojo is back for the foreseeable future now and hopefully I’ll be able to produce some of the best content iamemmawilde has ever seen! I hate to fail, especially when it comes to blogging so it’s time to take it more seriously…
Until tomorrow! 

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