Welcome to the new iamemmawilde.com


If you’re a regular reading of iamemmawilde.com then you may have noticed that a few (or a lot of) things have changed, the most obvious being the layout. I’ve been wanting to make the move from Blogger to WordPress for a while now but after hearing how complicated it can be, I put if off for as long as possible. However, yesterday I spent the entire day finally setting up my new WordPress blog and the main things I wanted to gain from the move were easier posting options and of course, a brand shiny new layout with super customisable options. And so, I welcome you to the new iamemmawilde.com!

As I said, the most obvious change is my blogs appearance and I actually used Pipdig and one of their many customisable and fully interactive themes. I’ve been after a theme like this for ages and I’m so pleased I managed to find the perfect one, I love the new homepage features and my images look so much nicer when viewed in a larger format. I hope this will encourage me to make 2016 the year for my little space on the internet.

I hope you all love iamemmawilde 2.0 as much as I do and I’m hoping my content will reflect it’s fabulous new appearance. My posts are now categorised and linked to others that you may also enjoy reading. So have a look around, enjoy and thank you for taking he time to read…

Hurray for a new chapter. I’m excited!


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