The Ultimate Face Mask to Relax

relax space mask

I’m all for relaxation time. I feel like, with the stresses of work and home lives, a lot of us don’t actually take the time to sit down and completely relax for an evening. Recently, however, I’ve been making a real effort to set aside an evening a week to be by myself, do nothing and simply unwind; which usually involves hot chocolate, a bath and a face mask (or two)! They really do help to make you relaxed and of course, they do wonders for your skin, and recently I’ve come across a mask that’s a little bit different from all the rest…


What is a Spacemask?

The Spacemask* is a self-heating eye mask, designed to help you to fully relax and zone out. It contains only two ingredients: Essence of Jasmine and iron powder, and works by warming up upon opening to relieve tiredness and eye strain. And I don’t know about you but after sitting staring at a computer all day, I need that relaxation for my eyes especially!


How does it work?

The Spacemask is shaped like a regular eye mask; made of soft fabric and with an ear loop on each side, it’s super comfortable. Once removed from the packaging, the mask will slowly start to heat up as the science-y stuff gets to work and after placing it over your eyes, let the relaxation begin – and you might even find yourself drifting off to sleep! The hear from the mask will last around 15 minutes, but the jasmine floral scent does stick around for longer and so you could nap for some time after the heat has worn off.

I can see this being great for plane journeys as well; just pop on your favourite Spotify playlist, cover your eyes and relax away from the horrible commotion of a noisy plane. It might also be great for a pre-work wake up if you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning.


Each mask is priced at a very reasonable £3.50 but sold as 5 for £15, and you can pick up one (or five) for yourself at


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