The Ultimate Coffee – DeLonghi Icona Micalite Coffee Machine

delonghi coffee machine


Those of you who know me well will know that I love a good cup of coffee – or three! I’m a huge fan of flavoured coffee like Latte and Macchiato (with vanilla or caramel) and so when my new coffee machine, the DeLonghi Icona Micalite Coffee Machine*, arrived you can imagine my excitement. Now, this striking red beauty may be on the pricier side, but I’ve always gone by the motto that it’s best to spend a little bit more on these daily gadgets, to ensure it lasts a lifetime.


The DeLongho Icona Micalite Coffee Machine retails for £199 on, but don’t let the price tag put you off, for the money you get an awful lot and if you work it out, it’s not actually bad at all. I regularly buy hot drinks from places like Starbucks, McDonalds and Costa, and when you add up the costs of all of those, it mounts up to some serious £££ after a while. This little (or large) beauty means I can enjoy coffee both from my home, and on-the-go – it’s about time I made use of my travel mug more often!


delonghi coffee machine

So onto the machine itself and my honest thoughts on if it’s worth it. I would 100% say YES! But why?


  • It’s super stylish looking and will fit in with most kitchen styles. Admittedly this is the red version and while that won’t suit all kitchen designs, this coffee machine does also come in Black, White and Silver, so it’s perfect for everyone. It’s also very sleek looking and quite compact, considering its capabilities.
  • It’s very easy to use. When it comes to tech, I like all of the mod-cons but I also like it to be simple and easy to use and this coffee machine really is that. It features three buttons (easy-peasy) and you simply fill the water tank, add your coffee choice and tah da!
  • You can use ground coffee (for a more authentic feel) which allows for a single or double shot, or ESE coffee pods which are definitely my preferred method for ease and the ability to try so many flavors. It also has a milk frothing wand!
  • It features a warming tray on top, ideal for keeping your coffees warm in between making multiple drinks. This is a really nice little feature and one that I’ve definitely made use of on several occasions since getting this coffee machine.


delonghi coffee machine


So there you go, my review of the DeLonghi Icona Micalite Coffee Machine and my first dabble into an at-home coffee maker. For the price tag, it’s pretty great value and the ability to use both pods or ground coffee really is a huge plus. While it isn’t going to thrill the coffee obsessed, Starbucks-loving drinkers out there, it is a great machine for at-home use and for those looking to get into making specialty coffees and frothing at home.


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