My Travel Essentials – The Journey

travel essentials

travel essentials: sunglasses, headphones, mascara, tangle teezer, portable charger, lipstick, book, hand sanitizer, bb cream, purse, passport cover, luggage tag


We all know that going on holiday can be stressful; making sure you’ve packed everything, remembering your documentation and ensuring your travel essentials are ready – especially that brand new lipstick that you need for when you arrive. Now I haven’t been abroad in a few years, but a few weeks ago we booked to go on cruise at the start of June (the excitement is very real) and as it’s getting super close, I thought I’d share with you all of the travel essentials I will be bringing with me on the coach journey down to Southampton.

As we are going on a cruise, my essentials may vary slightly from if you were going on a plane, but I think most of these things are pretty standard and should not be forgotten. Because it’s the worst feeling when you set off only to realise you’ve forgotten your silence-busting headphones or your favourite pair of sunglasses! This is hopefully the first of a series of travel posts before and after my holiday; let me know if you like reading more lifestyle content…


Passport Cover & Luggage Tag

Now these are hardly ‘essentials’, especially the passport cover, but I always like to keep my passport in a cover so that it stands out in my bag and I don’t ever have the dreaded ‘OMG where’s my passport’ feeling. The luggage tag however, I do believe is an essential and this cute Peach version from Skinny Dip is a dream. It lets me easily identify which suitcase is mine, among the hustle and bustle of other peoples baggage.  There’s nothing more awkward than picking up what you believe is your bag, only to realise it isn’t and discreetly putting it back.



For me, this is a key one. I get bored very easily and even if you are travelling with someone, there’s only so much you can say on a four hour long coach journey. So for that, my essentials are definitely a good pair of headphones (these Frends ones are perfect), a book/magazine – or both – and of course my iPhone 7 Plus, with a portable charger to ensure it doesn’t run out!



Makeup while travelling is going to be one you either do or you don’t. For me personally, I like to have at least a wash of makeup on my face most of the time, including when I’m travelling. For the journey to the cruise, I’ll only be taking a few key items though and the rest will be in my main luggage makeup bag. On holiday I don’t like to go with a full foundation base, but I do still like to cover any imperfections and for me, the Estee Lauder BB cream is perfect for that, paired with the BB concealer.

Aside from my base, I also like to apply a swipe of mascara and the Benefit Roller Lash is super natural, so perfect for travelling or on holiday, and then a very sheer or lightweight lipstick and for me that’s going to be the new KKW x Kylie Cosmetics creme lipstick – review up this week! And that’s it, three makeup products will do me just fine.


What are your travel essentials for the journey? Will you be packing any of these?


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