Shark DuoClean IF200UK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Shark DuoClean IF200UK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


I’m always on board with the latest and greatest technology, and when it comes to something being slightly different to the rest, I’m always interested in trying it out. Introducing the Shark DuoClean IF200UK Vacuum* with Flexology technology; kindly sent to me by to review.


On initial opening, the striking blue colour caught my eye straight away, as for me, aesthetics are quite important (that’s the fashion blogger in my coming out), and then the next thing I noticed was the many parts the vacuum cleaner has. Aside from the cleaner itself, it also comes with a flex main unit, a power pack and charging unit and several add-ons for reaching different parts of your home. One assembled, the vacuum stands at a very convenient height and weighing only 4kg, it’s super easy for carrying up and down stairs etc.


Shark DuoClean IF200UK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Cordless & Battery 

Having never tried out a cordless vacuum cleaner before, this was a real treat. The website states that it lasts approx 22 minutes and I found this to be spot on. Once fully charged (which takes approx 3.5 hours), the cleaner managed to clean the whole house before eventually running out of charge. I would say however, that purchasing a second battery and the dual power charger that Shark do, would be beneficial to avoid any stoppages mid-clean. The cordless feature also makes it super easy to just grab and go, especially if you are just wanting to quickly give one room a clean, or get rid of a small spillage.




As the main feature, and attraction, of this vacuum cleaner, this was the feature I was most keen to try out. The cleaner can bend to a complete 180 degree angle for easy storage, and then once in use, it can be flexed to multiple angles, including a right angle to make cleaning under furniture super easy. This of course depended on the height of your furniture though, as I found it doesn’t fit under everything as shown! However, overall this feature is great and the fact it is essentially a multi-use cleaner is great too!


Shark DuoClean IF200UK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld Vacuum

One of the things I loved about this vacuum was its ability to turn from a standard cleaner to a handheld in a matter of seconds. It just pulls apart and then you have a very small and convenient handheld version, perfect for cleaning stairs, furniture and even your car – something a corded vacuum wouldn’t be able to do as easily! You can also add different attachments to the end, making it perfect to get into smaller spaces or to reach high ceilings above stairs.

Shark DuoClean IF200UK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

DuoClean Technology

Now you may be wondering from the title of this post, where the DuoClean part comes into it. Well, this is seen through the two separate orange rollers at the opening of the cleaner, working together with one pulling the dirt, and then one sucking it into the holding container. This can also be utilised when going from hard to carpeted floors, with the switch of a button, making it more convenient and no need for swapping of heads. This Shark DuoClean technology makes cleaning a dream, the suction is so powerful and there’s a handy little red and green light to let you know when the rollers are going OK and when they have stopped.


The Shark DuoClean IF200UK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is available from and is priced at £229 currently.


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