Pink Loafers

gucci dupe pink loafers 1gucci dupe pink loafers 2


Another day, another ode to my new obsession; Pink. More specifically, these amazing Gucci dupe pink loafers that I may or may not have picked up in two different colourways. I’m obsessed, what can I say. If they didn’t more options I definitely would be getting those too!


When I was younger I hated pink and outright refused to wear such a girly colour, and then I went through the phase that I still dip in and out of most days, all black. However now, I have injected some colour into my wardrobe, mainly in the form of pink hues, leading to outfits like this, to some, OTT look.


gucci dupe pink loafers 3gucci dupe pink loafers and speedy 35 gucci dupe pink loafers 4gucci dupe pink loafers 5 gucci dupe pink loafers 6 gucci dupe pink loafers 7

I’m going through a huge jumper phases at the moment and so to bring my outfits out of the natural casual looks you get with jumpers like this one, I’ve been pairing them with smarter coats – this was a Primark bargain – and shoes that can instantly dress up an otherwise pretty boring outfit. Accessories-wise, I do like to keep things quite simple and on this day I broke out my beloved Speedy 35, to which I coveted for literally years, before finally taking the plunge and committing (literally as it’s got my initials on it) to just buying it. I feel like this was such a great buy and I can see myself using it time and time again.

I’d love to start doing a few handbag related videos and posts, and so keep your eyes peeled for a few What’s In My Bag’s and reviews. I’ll give you a hint, a bit of Chloe and Givenchy may be involved. And speaking of videos, yes, it’s my hope to get my YouTube channel back up and going very soon. Watch this space…



Coat: Primark (similar)
Jumper: H&M
Jeans: Asos
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Loafers: River Island


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