Neutral Tones

Apologies if any of you are bored of the countryside background. The only chance I get to shoot outfit photos is the weekend – the woes of commuting to work – so I try to stay close to home in order to be able to photograph more outfits from the week. I’m thinking I might try to get a few outfits shot in front of building backgrounds next week though just to add a little something different to the blog. Thoughts?

F&F coat, TOPSHOP tshirt, H&M jeans, NEW LOOK shoes, ZARA bag & bracelet
Feast your eyes on this, an outfit containing no black whatsoever, minus the hints of black in this beauty of a bag from Zara last year. This is definitely a rare occurrence but one that I’m embracing, especially seeing as my hair is blonder than ever now. I’m trying to make a conscious effort to wear less black, or at least to swap out my usual black jeans for blue jeans or even trousers (last weeks posts here and here). This camel coat has quickly become a favourite of mine and paired with laid back boyfriend jeans really does compliment it well for a casual everyday look.

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