WhiteWash Laboratories | Nano Intensive Teeth Whitening Kit Review

nano intensive teeth whitening kit


Teeth have always been a big deal for me. Since being young and having a major case of rabbit teeth, I jumped at the chance to get braces, and after 3 very long years of pain and being told off by my orthodontist, I was left with perfectly straight teeth. Now I’ll admit, I did neglect my retainer which is one of my biggest regrets but even so, I do consider my teeth to be a huge part of me and I’m always striving for them to be whiter – despite getting countless comments on how white they already are!


When it comes to teeth whitening, I think I’ve tried every offering under the sun. From a semi-professional home visit that left my teeth looking not even the slightest bit whiter, to oil pulling, whitening strips and charcoal toothpastes; I’ve tried every option with some success. Then much to my delight, the team at WhiteWash Laboratories offered to send me their Nano Intensive Whitening Kit* and of course I jumped at the chance!


nano intensive teeth whitening kit


All of WhiteWash Laboratories’ products have been developed and formulated by leading UK dentists and they claim to whiten teeth by 3.6 shades after just one application! Now at first I thought this seemed too good to be true but I can confirm that after one use, I did see a noticeable difference. The kit comes in white and gold packaging, which I love, and it feels very luxurious and sleek at first sight. The contents include: 28 Whitening Strips (14 days worth), 2 Whitening Gel Syringes, 2 Boil & Bite Trays (upper and lower) and I was sent a sample of their toothpaste and mouthwash to try too!


Starting off with the whitening strips, they advise that these are kept on for 60 minutes and used daily for the course of treatment. I have been doing this in the evenings before bed for ease, and then following with the whitening gel trays for 35 minutes afterwards, and I can confirm that used together, the results really were very noticeable. Both have a fresh minty taste and are super easy to apply, once you’ve got past the initial molding of the trays (which isn’t difficult either).


nano intensive teeth whitening kit


Since using the Nano Intensive Teeth Whitening Kit I’ve had several more comments from friends and family about how white my teeth are looking, and even in myself I feel a lot better. I’m so happy to have discovered WhiteWash Laboratories and their ranges, and for £39.99, this kit is a bargain for the results it gives! I’d highly recommend.


Have you tried any of the range from WhiteWash Laboratories? Let me know!


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