Morphe 35O Nature Glow Eye Palette Review

Morphe 35O


So after months of resisting the temptation and not falling for the hype, I finally caved and bought the Morphe 35O Nature Glow Palette after receiving a Beauty Bay email saying it was back in stock for a limited time.


Now I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to eye makeup, I’m a complete novice. I have however been on the hunt for a warm, neutral toned palette for a while and this one seemed like it would fit that bill perfectly. So after trawling through a lot of blog posts and YouTube videos, I finally decided to pick one up for myself and give it go. Maybe I can actually start being more adventurous than just a coat of mascara…


So the biggest question; is it actually worth all the hype? YES is the answer! I’ve haven’t tried any Morphe products before but first impressions are pretty darn good. And, this palette only cost me £21 (Beauty Bay’s free shipping over £15 is a godsend), which for 35 good quality eyeshadows is amazing.




In terms of colour payoff, I personally have found that most of the shades are extremely pigmented and all of the above swatches are from one quick swipe. Of the palette, the matte shades are definitely less pigmented, but this is only ever so slightly and once blended out on the eyes, you don’t even notice. The real standouts of the palette though are the shimmers, which make for beautiful highlight or all over colours, especially the golden and reddish shades. Shimmers are always the shades I’d shy away from but since owning this palette and watching a few tutorials, I’ve found that these are some of my favourites!


Wearability and longevity wise, I’ve found that fallout is minimal and my eye looks do tend to last all day. And even on my overly oily eyelids, they don’t crease at all with a little bit of primer applied first. This is a win-win for me and I honestly don’t have any complaints about this palette at all.


At the moment, I believe this palette is sold out pretty much everywhere. Beauty Bay’s stock only lasted a day and Cult Beauty has a seemingly never-ending waiting list. But if you can get your hands on this palette, I’d highly recommend you do so as it’s such an all-rounder and is perfect for both day and night looks. I can see this being a staple in my makeup collection for a very long time.


Have you tried the Morphe 35O palette? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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