Money Supermarket’s Charcoal Challenge | Budget BBQ

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Money Supermarket to take part in their summer ‘Charcoal Challenge‘. They very very kindly gave me £50 with the task to then have a BBQ to show that it is possible to do so on a budget. As I live in England and the weather is, lets just say, unpredictable, it’s taken until now for it to be warm enough to actually have a BBQ but finally, the sun shined and me and my mum ventured to the supermarket to buy all the food and other things we needed; y’know, burgers, buns, snacks and of course sweet goodies too! We also got two mini ‘one-time’ BBQ’s, which were perfect to cook the amount of food we got and were surprisingly easy to use as well – although word of warning, use them on a brick surface and not on wood like we did…lets just say we nearly ended up with a garden fire!
As you can see I bought a good amount of food and it definitely did not go to waste – especially the  chicken skewers and chocolate fingers! We had a lovely little BBQ and this just proves that you can have a really great time, with really nice food, all for under £50. Thank you Money Supermarket! 
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  1. 13th July 2013 / 6:09 pm

    All the food look so delicious Emma! You are making me so hungry omg! 😀

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