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Some of you may be aware that I have just finished up a two week internship at Fabulous Magazine and I can honestly say it’s one of the best experiences I’ve had. There were days when I was tired, exhausted even, but I pushed through and got to see how the industry that I hope to someday be a part of works. So, pull up a chair, get a cup of tea and prepare yourselves, this is going to be a long one!
I spent my two weeks on the fashion team and that gave me a massive insight into fashion styling as well as how a weekly magazine is run. It just made certain in my mind that fashion is definitely the career I want. It feels odd not going back this week though, not making the long and some days stressful tube journey into central London. It kind of became routine. Something I could definitely get used to; London life is so different to anything I’ve experienced before but I enjoyed it so much and could see myself as a London commuter.
I started my internship with an introduction to the fashion cupboard, let me just say, I have never seen that many shoes, clothes and accessories in one room, never mind a room as small as a fashion cupboard. Then I got the lucky task of tidying the cupboard, which was so fun (yes, tidying was fun) and also left me with a mile long list of things I want to buy for myself. Not so fun. Fashion cupboard duties aside, as an intern I was responsible for going to the gate several times a day to collect all the deliveries. I’m talking, wheeling a huge, fully packed cage up and down ramps, into lifts and through the office, handing all the packages out and then returning the cage back downstairs. Not for the unfit. If if you were unfit, you definitely wouldn’t be after doing that several times a day for two weeks! 
Outside o the everyday things I’ve mentioned, I also got the chance to assist on two shoots; one focused on still life images of products for the magazines weekly feature ‘Lust List’ and the other was a shoot for the ‘MF’ side of Fabulous, the men’s section, with Made in Chelsea’s Louise Thompson. The first shoot was in Shoreditch, which is not a place I’d ever like to return to in a hurry, and this was a huge selection of clothes, jewellery, beauty and home ware all shot in various places around the studio. It was a very relaxed day my duties were basically to unpack all the items, steam the clothes and then assist by helping the model and helping to document all items used for the credits. It was a fun day and gave me an insight into a different side of fashion styling. 
The second shoot was a lot closer to the office and was a lingerie shoot with Louise Thompson for the MF side of the magazine in November. It was a very different experience to say the least and not at all what I expected to be doing. I got to meet Louise, who by the way is not at all like she is portrayed in the show. she was really lovely and that made the whole morning so much more relaxed. On this shoot I assisted the stylist unpacking and in laying out the pieces. I then got to watch the shoot which was a great experience. This day showed me how a stylist works on set, even if this wasn’t a full blown, styled shoot. 
My last day at Fabulous was quite a quiet one really. I finished off any returns I hadn’t managed to do the day before, collected deliveries (more times than I had expected!) and then left, off to catch a train home. I was quite sad to leave really, everyone was so nice and seeing how a magazine fashion team runs was quite the experience and one I’d definitely like to be a part of in the future! I’ve got so much more I could mention but I’ll leave it here as I’ve rambled enough for one post. Hope you enjoyed reading about my experience and hopefully it’ll be the first of many. 
Emma xo
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  1. 30th June 2015 / 1:49 pm

    Hi there, I was just wondering where you got Fabulous magazines' contact details from? I've been looking for a phone number or email address but can't seem to find any contact details and I'm desperate to do a placement there haha! thank you 🙂 Ellie x

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