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Following my previous four purchases from Kylie Cosmetics, I promised myself I wouldn’t give into the hype of her name and brand again. Then enters the new KKW by Kylie Cosmetics collection and my previously made promise lost itself along with half of the beauty-obsessed world! There I was at almost midnight, wide-eyed, fingers poised refreshing the Kylie Cosmetics website like the madwoman I became. But I’m totally not one for the hype. Long story short, I purchased the lipsticks, paid the insane postage cost and sat there over the moon with my latest purchase, knowing full-well I may have to wait a month for them to actually arrive.


Three long weeks later, the lipsticks arrived at my proverbial doorstep, or in my case at the post office waiting for me to pay anther painfully high customs charge. Painfully high. Now the whole customs charge thing is of course a given with getting anything from the US and out of the five orders I’ve now made, I’ve only actually received a charge on two of them so it’s not bad going really.


So after my ramble-filled introduction, onto the actual products. For those who don’t know, this is the latest collaboration and probably the most exciting; between Kylie Jenner and her sister Kim Kardashian West. It’s a set of four liquid lipsticks, under the new formula of a Crème Liquid Lipstick – this is just one of the many formulas Kylie has been bringing and probably the most unique. In true KKW style, they’re all nude shades and in all honesty, are all fairly similar ones at that. The lipsticks are housed in matte frosted plastic tubes, which I actually think look extremely pretty and is preferable to her other original packaging, and these are set in a sturdy nude pink box with the signature KKW text.




So what is the new Crème formula, exactly? Although these are advertised as liquid lipsticks, it really is the ‘creme’ part that you need to pay attention to. These aren’t matte like your typical liquid lipstick, they don’t dry down and they’re not long lasting. At all. In fact, they’re less long lasting than some of my glosses and so if you’re expecting the liquid lipstick part of the name, you may be slightly disappointed. They are, however, not marketed anywhere as being long lasting so it really is the creme element they are bringing to the table this time around.


The KKW set comes with four shades, all aptly named after the lady herself:


Kimberly – a “true nude

Kim – a “peachy nude

Kiki – a “pinky nude

Kimmie – a “deep nude


And now you’re probably wondering if they all look similar, and yes, they really do. At first glance, and to someone who isn’t versed in the art of nude lipstick collecting, they all look exactly the same. However, when swatched and applied to the lips, you can definitely see the subtle differences between the shades. Subtle being the operative word, but I think that really is what KKW was going for when she made this ‘signature nude’ collection.



Now onto the application. These lipsticks are pigmented, but they definitely don’t go opaque in just one swatch, as the formula is much lighter than your average liquid lipstick. They feel almost like an airy, mousse gloss if that makes sense, and they don’t dry down at all.  I haven’t used these a lot yet, but so far I find that they work best layered over another product like a liner or a matte liquid lipstick. Used alone, they apply quite patchy and will wear off within the hour.


Another thing about this new formula is that there is no scent whatsoever. So if you’re usually put off by the sweet scent of Kylie Cosmetic products, you wont have to worry about that with these lipsticks. And I’ve found that once applied, they leave your lips looking smoother and almost blurred. No noticeable lip lines or imperfections? That’s a huge plus for me!


My final verdict? I quite like these lipsticks for a super natural looking lip, and as a nude lover, I feel like they make a great addition to my collection. However, if you’re a diehard matte lipstick fan and need your lipstick to be ultra long lasting, or if you like chowing down on a giant burger or slice of pizza regularly, then these may not be the lipsticks for you. These are perfect for those days where you want to look put together but don’t want the extra effort of applying a liner and liquid lipstick; think Sunday lips. And as these are all nudes, it’s not really a major issue if they wear off as you’re eating or drinking, because they’re so neutral that you can’t really see anyway. You can easily just reapply and your ready to go again.



I purchased these from the first launch date but since they seem to have disappeared completely from the Kylie Cosmetics website. However, on the postcard that was sent with the package, there was a note from Kim stating “I have a surprise coming soon!” – this definitely implies there might be another restock or an extension to the collection. So if these are on your must have list, keep your eyes peeled for updates on Kylie’s social channels.


Have you tried the KKW by Kylie Cosmetics Crème Liquid Lipsticks? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new collection!



    • Emma
      15th September 2017 / 10:44 am

      They are quite pricey, unfortunately, and the shipping outside of the UK isn’t great either. They’re definitely worth a try though!
      Thanks for the comment lovely 🙂

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