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Before and After

I’d like to introduce you to my new lusciously long locks, thanks to the lovely Jai from Real Couture by Jai, based in Crewe. Above you can see my hair before the extension application and right after the application – you can see it style by me over on my Instagram. As you can see, it’s a HUGE change, but I’m absolutely over the moon with my new hair and I finally can say I have long hair again! In this post,

I’ll be covering my experience of having hair extensions; from the initial consultation and application method I chose, to the colour and length and how I feel now after having them fitted. Hopefully, this is helpful for anyone looking to get fitted human hair extensions…


What hair extensions did I get, and what method was used?

I had 20 inch 100% natural (coloured) human hair from the Celebrity Choice range by Beauty Works. My extensions were fitted using a half head weave, which basically means they were sewn onto three rows of my own plaited hair.


What happened at my initial consultation?

I actually went for two consultations being the natural worrier that I am, and on both occasions, Jai and her team made me feel so welcome and put my mind at ease from the get-go. Getting extensions can be very daunting, especially with the different methods, hair types and lengths, but I felt like Jai took so much care with the colour match itself – I ended up having two different shades and a toner – as well as the recommended method of a weave and the length. I then paid an initial deposit for the hair and booked an appointment for a few weeks later!


How long did the application take?

I had three full length weaves applied and in total it took around 2 hours for the full fitting and finish. It really didn’t feel that long at all though as Jai kept up the conversation and made me feel at ease the whole time. I’d highly recommend bringing magazines and snacks though because let’s face it, it’s not exactly quick!


How much do Beauty Works extensions cost?

The cost of Beauty Works extensions can vary greatly depending on the application method chosen and the length/amount of hair needed. My hair also cost a lot more because it was blonde, rather than brunette. Costs are quoted during your initial consultation, so I’d suggest checking out Jai’s website and booking in!


How long do Beauty Works extensions last?

I opted for the priciest of extensions on offer, as I wanted them to last the longest they possibly could. With regular care, maintenance and re-fits (every 3-4 months) the extensions can last around a year.


Are they hard to maintain / wash? 

This was one of my biggest worries and concerns is that it would up my hair wash nights by hours and that I just wouldn’t have time to maintain them. I was very wrong. Having had my extensions for almost a month now, I can honestly say that although the washing and styling time is inevitably longer, it’s nothing I can’t handle. I have been washing my extensions once a week, and then using a mix of dry shampoo or a quick wash method for my own hair at the roots. For styling, I curl and straighten them most days and simply use a lower heat setting. You’ve also got to make sure you brush through the extensions a few times a day and I have been plaiting them at night to prevent tangles.


Having never had extensions before, I’ve honestly found the whole experience great so far. I’m not going to lie though, the first few days were slightly painful with the pulling on the scalp, but after a week or so this completely went and now I can’t eve feel them. I absolutely love my new hair, and can see me having it for a very long time!  Have you tried hair extensions?


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