Friction Free Shaving: The Subscription Box

friction free shaving

Hair removal is one of the most unglamorous and laborious parts of any routine, and because of this, it can be one of those that gets neglected. I know personally, I’m awful at remembering to change my razor (I dread to think how long I go before swapping them sometimes), and I know that this is a case for a lot of women too!


And so when the lovely people at Friction Free Shaving* (FFS for short. Genius) got in contact with me about their monthly subscription boxes, I totally had a “Where have you been all my life?!” moment. This is a totally new introduction to the world of subscription boxes and personally I think its fab idea. There have been many a time where I’ve ventured into Boots, only to find a new razor or a pack of razor blades costing an arm and a leg. I seriously think Gilette think we’re made of money!


friction free shaving

So now onto the important bit, what actually is Friction Free Shaving and how does it work? Well, you pay a monthly free (this varies on the razor/blades you choose) and then you get four new razor blades delivered to your door every month – as well as the initial package that comes with the razor itself. And it’s pretty cheap too!


There are two different options; £5 a month and £7 a month. For £5 a month, you get the Frankie razor which comes with 4 x 3 blade razor heads. And for £7 a month (which still isn’t a lot), you’ll get the Samantha razor which comes with 4 x 5 blade razor heads. All that, every month, for a small fee!


friction free shaving


I was sent the Samantha razor, the most expensive but still reasonably priced option on the FFS website. On initial opening, the first thing I noticed was how pretty it looked compared to my older razors – it’s gold. BLACK & GOLD. It’s a totally Instagrammable razor and that’s definitely something I never thought I’d say. It also feels super high quality and is nicely weighted making the whole shaving experience a lot easier. It also pivots making it super easy to get to all areas without any difficulty. It’s the little things, you know.


So what are the benefits of Friction Free Shaving, other than the super reasonable price? Well if you’re like me and totally rubbish at changing your razors, this little subscription box has you covered by delivering 4 new razor blades every.single.month. This is great for reducing the risk of bacteria and nasties building up, which can cause skin irritation as well as combating those awful blunt blade burns and rashes. So using a fresh blade each week will mean your legs (and other areas) will be smoother, cleaner and free from itchiness or irritation.


And if a new razor blade every week sounds a little extreme – I mean who has time for shaving that much – then you can either opt for your box o be sent out every other month, or you can choose to have something else sent to a similar value. Perfect and so convenient! Just update your preferences within your account and you’ll be sorted.


Would you try a monthly razor subscription service? You can buy a Friction Free Shaving box on their website, and be sure to check out their social channels for a few little tips!


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