Feel Good Contacts – I Have Blue Eyes?!

feel good contacts


Last week I was contacted by the lovely team at Feel Good Contacts to see if I would like to try out one of the pairs of lenses from their coloured contacts range. Now I’m not normally a contact lens wearer, but I have been wanting to try out coloured lenses as I’ve always wondered what I’d look like with eyes different from my own hazel colour. So I jumped at the chance to review a pair and in the end opted for the Air Optix Colour range in Brilliant Blue (no prescription).


The package arrived in a very compact box with of course the contacts themselves, as well as a lense solution and a left and right lense case – making looking after and storing my new lenses a dream. There was also a mini packet of Haribo, but I ate those before I even had chance to photograph them!


feel good contacts


As mentioned, contact lenses are completely new to me, so after watching several How To guides, I attempted to put the lenses in my eyes thinking it didn’t actually look that difficult at all. Let’s just say, it took the best part of an hour to ‘master’, after looking like a Husky with mis-matched eyes for half of that, and I finally had what were very realistic but still bold dark blue eyes. I have to say, when I thought about coloured contacts, I always assumed they’d look ‘fake’ but these really did look so convincing and I had the blue eyes I’d always wanted for the day.


Saying that, it was a big change initially and after giving my boyfriend a huge shock when he arrived at the door, and being told I didn’t look like myself anymore by my parents; I decided that maybe blue eyes aren’t for me. Although at least now I have the option as these contacts are reusable, and Feel Good Contacts has so many other colours to choose from too! The lenses also felt super comfortable to wear and didn’t irritate my eyes at all – a huge bonus if I did want to wear them for a while at a time.


feel good contacts eye


Getting the contact lenses out was a challenge; but that was more down to me and my nails, rather than the product! After stabbing myself in the eye several times and fearing I’d have them in my eyes forever, I eventually got them out and placed them back in the solution I’d been given, ready for next time. I think that these are a great way of changing up your look through your eye colour alone – I felt like a completely different person and if even left me trying to figure out different makeup shades to use etc to match the contacts!


I would highly recommend giving coloured contact lenses a go, even just for fun like me, especially from Feel Good Contacts as their service and products are great! I also have a 10% discount code for you to use on your first order, FEELGOODTIME (apply at checkout).


Have you tried coloured contact lenses before? If not, would you give them a go?


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