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Christian Breton


It seems that under eye masks are a real trend at the moment, especially within the beauty community, and I for one am all for trying out that trend. I suffer from dark circles on a daily basis and anything to help reduce this is a worth-while product in my eyes. As my first dabble into the world of eye masks, I have been trialling the Christian BRETON Hydrogel Eye Contour Masks* for both Dark Circles and Puffiness. This is my first time trying out Christian BRETON, but having seen quite a few posts from other bloggers, I had very high hopes to begin with.


Christian BRETON is a luxury skincare brand, specialising in problem-solving skincare for over 25 years. They focus heavily on providing the safest and most effective products to combat common skincare problems such as dark circles, ageing and blemish control. With myself suffering from dark circles and blemishes, I was extremely keen to trial some products and see if the huge claims really are true.


The Christian BRETON Dark Circle & Puffiness Hydrogel Eye Contour Masks box contains three pairs of under eye masks, each enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and Cucumber. All ingredients are known for their nourishing and moisturising properties, perfect for reducing puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles. But do they really work to help with all of these areas?


Christian Breton

My Honest Thoughts

I have now used all three of the Dark Circle & Puffiness masks (and one Anti-Wrinkle, just because), leaving on for the recommended time of 25 minutes. As suggested, I also refrigerated the masks 10 minutes before applying and definitely found this helped with the ‘cooling’ aspect. After the recommended time, I removed the masks there was no residue or leftover product, which was a great bonus.


With regards to if the eye masks ‘worked’ or not, I would say they do provide a high level of moisture to the under eye area, especially if like me, you suffer from dry patches and redness. This is down to the Hyaluronic Acid and after just one application, my skin felt so hydrated and smooth that even my foundation and concealer applied better under my eyes! These may have eliminated the need for an eye cream for me, which is something I’ve felt my eyes needed for a long time.


As for reducing dark circles, this is where I found I didn’t see as much of a difference. I don’t real suffer with the usual morning puffiness, but dark circles are something I have suffered with forever and these masks did definitely help to reduce this slightly. I say slightly, because they are not a miracle worker by any stretch, and instead work to brighten the eye reducing the appearance of dark circles somewhat.


Overall I would say these eye masks work, and would be great for a weekly pamper evening to give your under eyes a well-deserved hydration. Also, now we are getting into the colder months, I think these will work wondered to help with chapped or sore eyes. The only downside for me is the price, with these eye masks being £27 for a box of three – are they worth that, maybe not.


Have you tried anything from the Christian BRETON skincare range?


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