My Birthday Wishlist 2017

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It appears that it has become somewhat of a tradition on my blog for my yearly ‘Birthday Wishlist’ post – more like my excuse to swoon over all the things I’d like but can’t afford. With my 24th birthday coming up in a few weeks, I thought I’d put together a little wishlist of all the things I would ask for if money were no object. I can instantly see a rose gold and pink theme happening and that’s got to be a good thing!


When birthdays or Christmas come around, I often ask for a few things that I’ve previously run out of and this year is no exception. My beloved Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter has finally reached the end of it’s life, it’s been a good year or so but dropping it from a height definitely didn’t help to prolong it any more. This is my absolute favourite highlighting product and I use this everyday without fail, so it certainly is one I have my fingers crossed to receive. Another makeup favourite is the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara, which I’ve gone through three sample sized versions of and I think it’s finally time I got the full-size as it’s the best!


Now onto the larger and more ‘wishful thinking, in my dreams’ type presents. First up are these two beautiful Rose Gold Pandora rings, which I’ve had my eye on for a little while now and am desperate to add to my jewellery collection. I have a thing for mixing silver and rose gold at the minute and I think these will compliment my everyday bracelets so nicely. Next is probably something I’ve had on my wishlist for a few years now but I just haven’t ever really asked for it or bought it myself, and it’s this Saint Laurent Card Holder – isn’t it a beauty! This is a totally unnecessary item and one that I definitely don’t need, but I feel like I throw so much rubbish into larger purses (like this Vivienne Westwood version that I also have my eye on) and it seems like a card holder could be just what I need. I also carry a few smaller bags and would like something that will fit in those nicely.


So there you have it, another year and another swoon-worthy Birthday Wishlist. Let me know if any of these things are on your wishlist too!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Her


Valentine’s Day, you either love it or hate it. But with the day fast approaching, it’s probably time to start thinking about gifts, whether you are a splurge or save kind of person, there’s going to be something to suit all budgets and loved ones.  I absolutely love putting together gift guides so you’re in the right place, and most of these are items that you can buy online so it’s definitely not to late! Without further ado, here’s my Valentines day gift guide for her


  1. Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes
  2. Diptyque Roses Candle
  3. Astrid & Miya Cocktail Ring
  4. Elie Saab Rose couture Perfume
  5. Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Kim KW
  6. Roses Flower Box
  7. Gucci Soho Leather Disco Bag
  8. Saint Laurent Leather Wallet
  9. NARS Orgasm Blush
  10. Bear Hugs Card
  11. Victoria’s Secret Lingerie
  12. Hello Gorgeous Mug


What are you planning on gifting your loved one this Valentine’s Day?

January Zara Wishlist

I’m back! After what has been a crazy busy few months with a lot of changes, I’m finally back to blogging and hopefully I can bring my little space on the internet back to life. I thought for my first post of 2017 I’d throw out the ‘New Year, New Me’ type posts and go for something a little more me, a wishlist!

I’m over sales. I manged to pick myself up a few bargains in the post-Christmas sales but now I’m more than ready to embrace the season lines, and give my wardrobes a much needed update. One of my favourite stores is Zara and at the moment they are killing it in their outerwear and accessories departments. I may or may not be about to hit ‘buy’ on a hefty order from there and here are the piece I’m currently lusting after this January:

  1. Tie Sleeve Grey Knitted Jumper
  2. Mismatched Star Earrings
  3. Foil Effect Oversized White Shirt
  4. Monochrome Multi-Strap Backpack
  5. Croc Embossed Sneakers
  6. Printed Leather Chain Bag


Happy Monday guys! I’m finally back with another wish list, which is slightly overdue but it’s definitely a good’un. Despite us now entering March and Spring is (supposedly) on it’s way, I’m much more of an Autumn/Winter dresser and so I’m still clutching onto those last few weeks of warmer clothes. I’m loving trainers, ripped jeans and have been coveting a fedora for some time now so this Mango version is perfect! I’ve also included a splurge purchase because it has just been payday after all, so when is a better time to buy a more luxury item? Hopefully you’ll get some inspiration from this wishlist and I’ll apologise in advance to your bank account for this enabling post!

wish list march

FRENDS Taylor Headphones, Adidas Stan Smith Cheetah, Topshop Jeans, Mango Fedora, Topshop Blazer, Zara Messenger Bag


slogan tees t shirts asos

Recently I’ve been adding a lot of slogan tees to my wardrobe; they are just so easy to style and perfect for those days when you want to look like you made an effort but really didn’t. Yet again, there are more tees on my list list, especially those from Adolescent Clothing via ASOS! Where is your favourite place to find slogan tees?

1. ASOS   2. ASOS   3. River Island   4. Topshop   5. River Island   6. Zara