The most diverse category on iamemmawilde is Lifestyle; covering everything from general life updates, homeware inspiration, travel and even a few tips thrown in for good measure. No matter what your interests are, my lifestyle category will suit you the most and is sure to show a huge mix of things separate from the more popular fashion and beauty categories (which I also love)! Currently this category also covers travel and places to visit, but hopefully in the not-so-distant future you will see this evolve into its own category to explore the world with me. 

The Kylie Jenner Lip & My New Lace Up Loves

Welcome to my new Saturday series. As of late weekends have been my ‘days off’ from blogging but I’ve come to realise that I really need to keep my content consistent and so everyday Saturday there will be sort of a round-up post featuring the best of fashion, beauty, televsion/films…

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