My Travel Essentials – The Journey

travel essentials

travel essentials: sunglasses, headphones, mascara, tangle teezer, portable charger, lipstick, book, hand sanitizer, bb cream, purse, passport cover, luggage tag


We all know that going on holiday can be stressful; making sure you’ve packed everything, remembering your documentation and ensuring your travel essentials are ready – especially that brand new lipstick that you need for when you arrive. Now I haven’t been abroad in a few years, but a few weeks ago we booked to go on cruise at the start of June (the excitement is very real) and as it’s getting super close, I thought I’d share with you all of the travel essentials I will be bringing with me on the coach journey down to Southampton.

As we are going on a cruise, my essentials may vary slightly from if you were going on a plane, but I think most of these things are pretty standard and should not be forgotten. Because it’s the worst feeling when you set off only to realise you’ve forgotten your silence-busting headphones or your favourite pair of sunglasses! This is hopefully the first of a series of travel posts before and after my holiday; let me know if you like reading more lifestyle content…


Passport Cover & Luggage Tag

Now these are hardly ‘essentials’, especially the passport cover, but I always like to keep my passport in a cover so that it stands out in my bag and I don’t ever have the dreaded ‘OMG where’s my passport’ feeling. The luggage tag however, I do believe is an essential and this cute Peach version from Skinny Dip is a dream. It lets me easily identify which suitcase is mine, among the hustle and bustle of other peoples baggage.  There’s nothing more awkward than picking up what you believe is your bag, only to realise it isn’t and discreetly putting it back.



For me, this is a key one. I get bored very easily and even if you are travelling with someone, there’s only so much you can say on a four hour long coach journey. So for that, my essentials are definitely a good pair of headphones (these Frends ones are perfect), a book/magazine – or both – and of course my iPhone 7 Plus, with a portable charger to ensure it doesn’t run out!



Makeup while travelling is going to be one you either do or you don’t. For me personally, I like to have at least a wash of makeup on my face most of the time, including when I’m travelling. For the journey to the cruise, I’ll only be taking a few key items though and the rest will be in my main luggage makeup bag. On holiday I don’t like to go with a full foundation base, but I do still like to cover any imperfections and for me, the Estee Lauder BB cream is perfect for that, paired with the BB concealer.

Aside from my base, I also like to apply a swipe of mascara and the Benefit Roller Lash is super natural, so perfect for travelling or on holiday, and then a very sheer or lightweight lipstick and for me that’s going to be the new KKW x Kylie Cosmetics creme lipstick – review up this week! And that’s it, three makeup products will do me just fine.


What are your travel essentials for the journey? Will you be packing any of these?

Attempting To Become A Responsible Shopper


While writing today’s post, I had no idea what to call it. Becoming a responsible shopper is something that has been playing on my mind for a while, and is something that I really wanted to write about.! Today’s post is about my attempts at becoming a responsible shopper, and curbing my spending habits by carefully choosing what I want to buy.


If you know me on a personal level, you will know straight off that I’m not a saver. I never have been and I don’t think I ever will be fully. With that being said, it was a 2017 goal of mine to become slightly better at pinching the pennies and saving just that little bit each month. Now so far, I haven’t really kept to that and I’ve saved a grand total of £50 (I did have that horrible thing called car insurance to pay for too, so that is an excuse right?), spending the rest of my money on a total of 3 hair appointments, 4 nail appointments, 5 meals (plus some), 3 cinema visits, 2 dresses, 1 skirt, 2 tops, 2 pairs of sunglasses and 3 totally necessary pairs of boots. And then a few other bits. On reflection, it looks like I really haven’t tried at all but for me, that’s pretty good going in four months!


responsible shopper outfit


I’ll admit it, I’m a shopaholic. I love shopping and the thrill of waiting for a new delivery is always one of the best moments. However, I am starting to realise that adult life is looming and saving is something I need to start putting more of an effort into. Even if it just means I limit myself to two clothing purchases a month – typing that actually made me quiver inside a little.


I partly blame the blogging and Instagram industry for the majority of my spending habits, as we’re faced with hauls and swishy outfit shots on a daily basis and the desire for new clothes and beauty products often becomes so great that it truly is hard to resist. I have definitely felt the pressure on a regular basis to own the latest and greatest clothes for the purpose of shooting an outfit post or a #fwis as I feel I can’t possibly write about something that a. is old and b. isn’t available to buy anymore. What is the point? Well I’ve decided to get out of this mind frame because the point is, shooting an old coat with a brand new pair of boots for example, is still relevant and is still good content.


responsible shopper trainers


So that has been my little – or rater long – ramble for today. I hope you enjoyed this different post and although I don’t expect my shopping habits to disappear completely, I am going to make a real effort to become a more responsible shopper. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject and also what you think of bloggers including a mix of new (and available) pieces, with those wardrobe staples from a year or two ago.

The Homeware Edit: Metallic Pineapples

pineapples metallic


What’s this, another homeware post?! I hope you’re enjoying this little interiors addition to my blog. Currently these kinds of posts sit under the ‘Lifestyle’ category, but if I keep these up (because let’s face it, I’ve not been the most consistent lately) then I may have to give them their own category. Anyway, onto today’s post and the interiors trend that just keeps coming back; Pineapples… 

I wanted to gather a list of my current favourite pineapple picks from the high street and online, so you can join in the fruity lovin’ fest that is happening. You may also notice a sight metallic theme with my picks too, and that’s just because they are the most perfect of combinations. Now of course, my first stop had to be H&M and they have a huge range of pineapple goodies, from gold foiled cushions and towels (here & here) to the staple candles and novelty holders.


1. Copper Storage Pot, Oliver Bonas; £24. 2. Tropical Teaspoons, Oliver Bonas; £19. 3. Printed Cushion, H&M; £6.99. 4. Large Candle, H&M; £12.99. 5. Metallic Lamp, Laura Ashley; £82.

Tropical Homeware Inspiration S/S17

tropical homeware main


Homeware and interiors isn’t something I’ve always been interested in, but since starting my new job doing marketing for an online homeware retailer, I’ve found myself immersed in the world of cushions, candles, bedding and everything else in between. Having spent many hours searching the latest S/S17 trends, one of the stand-outs was definitely tropical homeware and all things palm leaves, green and of course, pineapples – I’ve got a dedicated pineapple post lined up soon too!

My Picks

I’ve picked out some of my favourites coming from the likes of H&M with their seriously covetable Pineapple range, including this Metal Napkin (or anything really) Holder and this amazing Palm Leaf Cushion, and Oliver Bonas who’s whole tropical range is pretty fabulous.

Next also have subtle hints at tropical with there selection of Bedding and Wallpaper – it’s a tad too bold for me but I know it’d make for a great feature in a room. Matalan is also a great one, especially for bedding, although I do find heading in-store is usually better as the online selection isn’t always as great.


tropical homeware wallpaper


With amazonian inspired prints, bold primary green and blue hues and statement ceramic shapes filling the shops and online retailers, there’s so much choice that you could literally create your own tropical paradise in your living room or bedroom. As I don’t currently have a house and only have one room to work with, I wont be injecting this trend into my lifestyle just yet, but if I did, I know I’d be popping around at least a few subtle hints. But if you’re brave enough to house the boldness of this trend, I say go for it!


What are your thoughts on the S/S17 Tropical homeware trend? Would you try it in your home?

Welcome to the new


If you’re a regular reading of then you may have noticed that a few (or a lot of) things have changed, the most obvious being the layout. I’ve been wanting to make the move from Blogger to WordPress for a while now but after hearing how complicated it can be, I put if off for as long as possible. However, yesterday I spent the entire day finally setting up my new WordPress blog and the main things I wanted to gain from the move were easier posting options and of course, a brand shiny new layout with super customisable options. And so, I welcome you to the new!

As I said, the most obvious change is my blogs appearance and I actually used Pipdig and one of their many customisable and fully interactive themes. I’ve been after a theme like this for ages and I’m so pleased I managed to find the perfect one, I love the new homepage features and my images look so much nicer when viewed in a larger format. I hope this will encourage me to make 2016 the year for my little space on the internet.

I hope you all love iamemmawilde 2.0 as much as I do and I’m hoping my content will reflect it’s fabulous new appearance. My posts are now categorised and linked to others that you may also enjoy reading. So have a look around, enjoy and thank you for taking he time to read…

Hurray for a new chapter. I’m excited!