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I managed to avoid the #Girlboss hype for approximately five minutes before finally giving in and embracing my inner desire to be a businesswoman. #Girlboss = Sophia Amoruso, CEO of Nasty Gal and all-round fashionista. For all those girlbosses in the making, read this book; it’s fabulous!
 #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso
I’ll be the first to admit that before hearing about this book, I didn’t really know anything about the person behind the Nasty Gal site. I always imagined a high-flying CEO type from an affluent background, stereotypical or what?! That being said, just like anyone who has a story worth telling, Sophia’s life hasn’t always been this bright and breezy. After struggling to hold down several jobs during her teens and early twenties, she opened up her own eBay shop and it all progressed from there turning her from an ordinary young woman to a fully-fledged millionaire businesswoman and CEO of one of the biggest online fashion companies. Wow.
This book is by no means an autobiography; despite it offering a look into Sophia’s early life and the way she reached success, the story between that offers so much more in the way of ‘tips’ and insights into how to make a success of yourself through understanding the mistakes she made and avoiding them. If you are wanting to hear from a straight-talking woman who really knows what she’s talking about then Sophia is the one.
The book is in it’s entirety a real gripping read and it left me engrossed in every single page right from the get-go. It’s the refreshing honesty from Sophia that really gives the book a non-typical look at failures and troubles as well as the expected strengths and triumphant moments in her life that many books fail to include.
This isn’t a book you would read when trying to relax because it makes you want to write down her tips and tricks every two seconds, but if you want an insight into how Sophia has achieved what she has from an honest and down-to-earth point of view, then I’d definitely recommend this read!Have you read #Girlboss?


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