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It can sometimes be extremely hard in the very saturated world of blogging to find the inspiration and motivation to post. I’m talking posting content you genuinely love and can be proud of, without getting in that habit of posting just like everybody else. Now I’m not saying that my content is particularly groundbreaking of totally unique, but I like to think that every post has my unique spin to it, whether that’s just through a little injection of ‘me’ or through my photography etc.

Sometimes when I’m feeling a bit down about my blog or lacking inspiration for my next post, I often turn to various books for new ideas and tips. That being said, I thought I’d share some of the books in which I enjoy reading for inspiration; whether that be for my posts themselves or just tips on how to better my blog and other aspects. It’s nice to get a new perspective and read something that isn’t just another person’s blog.


Books You Should Read For Blogging Inspiration

Now, I’m aware that the books I enjoy reading may not be the same as what everyone else enjoys, but I’ve tried to include a bit of variety and something that covers every kind of inspiration/topic. If I’m in a fashion rut, there are books for that or if I’m looking for a bit of business-mind Girl Power motivation, there’s something for that too. There’s also a light-hearted option that isn’t necessarily one to help that much, but it does give a little life perspective. So here goes…


Inspirational Women

Girl Boss, Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso is a straight-talking woman with the ultimate #GirlBoss attitude. Being the founder of Nasty Gal, she has her head fully screwed on and this book is basically full of tips and ways in which to become your own Boss. She shares her story and how she got to where she is now, as well as a few key points on how you can create your own ‘empire’ in a sense. This book isn’t going to help to turn your blog into an overnight success, but it is a great read and her no nonsense approach is nice to see.

Not That Kind of Girl, Lena Dunham

This is the more light-hearted option I mentioned as it’s less of a ‘helpful’ read and more focused on girl power and Lena Dunham’s story. She shares pretty much everything about her life growing up and her most recent role in the TV series Girls. I enjoyed this read a lot, and would highly recommend it as a holiday book of choice as you’ll be laughing out loud a lot. It does help though if you’re struggling with ‘finding yourself’ and though funny, Lena does keep the advice flowing throughout each chapter.


Fashion Inspiration

Style, Lauren Conrad

This is the only book I’ve ever really taken notice of when it comes to style and fashion inspiration. As with her Beauty edition, this book is basically filled with tips, tricks and styling ideas for every season and occasion. I found this particularly helpful when it came to my outfit-style posts and putting together looks when I was really a serious lack of inspiration. This is a book you wouldn’t really ever read cover-to-cover in series, and instead one I found myself picking up as and when I needed a little bit of inspiration.


Tips & Advice

She Means Business, Carrie Green

I bought this book on a whim as I had an Amazon voucher and it was only £3, but on reading a few chapters, it’s actually proved to have some really helpful tips on things to do that can definitely be transferred to blogging. I’ve not actually heard of Carrie Green before, but the stories based of her career are a great read and really insightful. Serious aspiration goals.

How to be an Overnight Success, Maria Hatzistefanis

This book is written by the Founder and CEO of Rodial, so my initial thoughts were that it had to be good. The title describes it as becoming an ‘overnight success’ but we all know that isn’t really a realistic expectation, and instead, it focuses more on making it in business and tips on how to be the best you possibly can be. I find this a super helpful read because blogging is essentially making your own business and brand and the tips MAria has are super insightful, especially coming from someone who’s been there and got the brand to prove it! The design on the cover is also super fun and screams GirlBoss, so that’s a win too.


I hope you enjoyed this post, I just thought I’d add some different content for a change. Let me know which books you read as a blogger?


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