#BloggersFestival & What I Wore

On Saturday I attended #BloggersFestival organised by Scarlett London and I thought I’d show
you what I wore to the event as well as some snaps from the day. It was a really nice afternoon filled with meeting new people, eating biscuits and talking to some great brands. Read on
to see more! 

jacket TOPSHOP, shirt RIVER ISLAND, jeans DOROTHY PERKINS, shoes CONVERSE, necklace NEW LOOK, bracelet PANDORA
I wore the most statement necklace know to man, literally and with that I went for minimal everything else, so a basic white shirt, jeans and my trusty go-to white converse. To make it less boring and more ‘minimal’, I wore my favourite duster coat from Topshop which goes with so much. I loved this outfit and wanted to shoot it properly, hence the not-actually-at-the-event photos.  
 So that was my outfit, now onto the event itself. As mentioned above, I was invited to Scarlett’s #BloggerFestival and despite knowing nobody, I bit the bullet and took it as an opportunity to meet some new, like-minded people. I was really excited about it!

Scarlett put on an amazing event with incredible brands there like Urban Outfitters, Very, Ecco, Want Her Dress and the event sponsors, Search Laboratories and we all spent the afternoon wandering around the 31st floor of Paramount Centrepoint, which had the most amazing views, despite the dismal weather, talking to like-minded bloggers and tweeting until our hearts content.

My favourite thing about this blogging event though was definitely meeting other bloggers. As I mentioned, I went knowing nobody, but I did end up meeting Emily, Katy, Lucy & Cat who were all really lovely girls and of course have fab blogs so go and check them out!

So that
concludes what turned out to be a very lengthy, photo-heavy post. If you
read to this point then thank you – and well done for persevering! I
just wanted to say a quick thank you to Scarlett – if you’re reading
this – for putting on what was a really great event, I got to meet some
great people and brands, who I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise!

you attended the event and we never got to exchange blog links, feel free to
leave them in the comments below so I can go and have a look! I hope you all enjoyed this post (even if you didn’t attend the event) and had a wonderful weekend either way. Thank you for reading!


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