An Oil For Oily Skin?

shu uemura cleanser

As someone who has combination to oily skin, I never thought an oil-base cleanser would be something I would be able to use but having tried out the Shu Uemura Brightening and Polishing Cleansing Oil* for a few months now, I’m really pleased with the results and it’s actually slightly dried out my skin, which for me, is great!

Now apart from my beloved eyelash curlers, I’ve never actually tried anything from Shu Uemura before but having heard rave reviews of the cleansing oils, I jumped at the chance to try one. This cleanser is actually from the Yazbukey Spring/Summer collection but I believe you can still buy it as a standard product, just without this rather quirky looking packaging. With a price tag of £60, it certainly isn’t a budget friendly skincare option, however I do think you get what you pay for when it comes to skincare and this cleanser really works.
I’ve been using the blanc:chroma, which is designed to brighten, smooth and polish the skin, removing dead cells and uneven/dull skin tones. I cleanse my face morning and evening, applying two pumps to the palms of my hands and then massaging into my skin to break down any remaining makeup on my face. I then splash a bit of water onto my face turning the oil into a milky consistency, before rinsing it off throughly and moving onto the next steps in my routine.
I find that after using this product my skin feels noticeable cleaner and brighter compared to other cleansers I’ve used before and this version of the cleanser in particular, has a very pleasant floral scent that isn’t over powering at all when applied. Despite it being an oil based cleanser, I don’t find it leaves a greasy film like some products and the fact it can be used to remove makeup too is a bonus.
Now as I mentioned, this cleanser doesn’t come cheap but you do get a very large bottle and with only using two pumps each time, I can see it lasting a very long time. I’d highly recommend this cleanser, especially for those with oily skin who may be dubious about using any oil-based products.
Have you tried any skincare from Shu Uemura?

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