A Mascara For All Occasions

There’s certain beauty products out there that lend themselves to serious OCD tendencies and for me, that’s both foundation and mascara. For this post let’s address mascara, more specifically those three fail-safe options that I’ve kept in my make-up stash for their own special reasons. Now on the grand scheme of things, mascaras don’t really differ all that much from tube to tube but there are ever so slight differences that I like to think lend themselves to different ‘occasions’ or make-up looks. I do tend to switch up mascaras depending on what I’m doing, so I wouldn’t usually wear my ‘everyday’ mascara for going out in the evening and visa versa. 
For everyday swipe-and-go purposes, I use my trusty Eyeko Black Magic Mascara as despite the rather misleading name, it isn’t all that dramatic and lends itself far more to a natural, daytime look. This is a super black formula and so is perfect for when there’s not much else going on in the eye area and I like to wiggle it through my lashes to get a good coating, leaving me with lengthened and somewhat volumes lashes that still look natural. This is a good’un, but don’t be fooled by the dramatic name connotations…
For the evening or occasions that demand a more dramatic look, I reach for the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (I’m keen to try the waterproof version of this!) as it is the most build able mascara I own. I tend to apply two coats of this and it gives both volume and length, which is basically all I want from a mascara. That and the ability to hold a curl which this does too – I can’t really fault this mascara and it’s definitely my go-to option for the evening.

And finally, for those in-between moments that require both length and volume but not such a dramatic look, I opt for YSL’s Baby Doll Mascara. This is a mascara that for a long time I didn’t like but I have since grown to love it for its lengthening abilities – it really does give you that doll-like look without being crazy dramatic for the daytime. As well as length, it does hold a curl well and adds some lift to the lashes, plus the formula is blacker than black so that’s an added bonus! 

Do you have favourite mascaras for different occasions? Let me know what you use! 

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