2018. My New Year Resolutions…

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Okay, so I know I’m slightly late with this one but better late than never eh? It’s that time of the year where everyone sets out with their New Year’s resolutions which have both great hopes but also such a bad reputation at the same time. Most likely the latter because people often have such a hard time keeping them. However, if you set yourself realistic goals, rather than ‘work out every day, get skinny and never eat chocolate again’ – as much as we’d all like that, it’s hardly realistic is it? So choosing goals for the year that are more obtainable is a sure fire way to help you actually keep the resolutions.


I don’t normally set myself any set-in-stone resolutions, but this year I have a few things I really want to achieve and so here we are, writing them down for everyone to see. Let’s hope I keep them now! I’ve tried to keep these resolutions pretty achievable, rather than going for the out-there dreams, as at least then if I achieve these, I’m one step closer to the bigger dreams…


Save Money. It’s always been my goal to save. However, never have I ever been able to and I always find myself buying new pieces for my wardrobe that have a huge impact on my bank balance. Last year however, I had a huge reality check and realised that I’m never going to be able to achieve any major steps in my life if I don’t start saving my money and being a more responsible spender. So that’s why I finally started saving towards the back end of last year, and hope to continue that on a larger scale this year.


Learn to love myself. Be confident. Both of these go hand-in-hand so I’ve lumped them together in one resolution. I’m the first to comment on how bad I look or how my hair isn’t looking so great today etc, before anyone else has even said anything. Last year I lost quite a bit of weight and actually dropped 2-3dress sizes. Now for me, this was a huge achievement and something I’m so happy I did, but I still can’t seem to see it for myself completely. I get told regularly by my friends and family (and even people I barely know!) how great I look now, but I’m still unable to see it. For 2018, I want to finally be happy in my own skin.


Learn to relax and de-stress. I can be the biggest hot-head ever, and then in turn, the biggest stress-head ever. I often make mountains out of molehills and during 2017 this significantly affected multiple relationships in my life. I want to change that and learn to relax a bit more and go with the flow. If something minor happens, I want to brush it off and move on, rather than jumping at the first chance I get. This should also help with my stress levels, as I have a habit of letting (minor) stresses really affect me and my health.


Get in shape more. This is 100% not a weight loss resolution; because as mentioned previously, I have lost weight and I’m *happy* with where I’m at. I just would ideally like to tone and shape my body, as well as get a bit healthier with my food choices. Don’t get me wrong, the takeaways and odd chocolate bar indulge won’t go away, but I do want to cut down and achieve a body I’m happiest with.


Get back into YouTube. This one is easily achievable and is one that I want to do sooner rather than later. I loved doing YouTube last year and I want to get my channel back up and running and commit to regular videos. Then all I need are the people to watch them!


Grow my blog and my business. Last but not least, I want to put everything into my blog and business this year and really get them to where I want to. I want to shoot regular outfit posts (making use of my new Olympus Pen, post to come soon), keep my content current and updates regularly, and hopefully grow my business to get it out there and known by more. It’s going to be hard, especially in the saturated markets; but I know it’s achievable with time, effort and perseverance.


I’m constantly adding more goals for my life and aspirations for the future, but with being realistic, I think I can definitely achieve what I want in time. I’m welcoming 2018 with open arms and I can’t wait to see what it will bring. Stay tuned and watch this space!


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